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About CPD

About CPD

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CPD is a non-profit organization committed to promoting objective debates related to Dutch Turkish diaspora in the public sphere.


Dialogue and public debate form the foundations of a peaceful and a harmonious society. Collaborative and constructive debates make for a world wherein problems can be solved creatively and differences explored compassionately. This allows us to identify a common ground for action and build a future for entire community with appreciation for different perspectives.


Dutch Centre for Public Dialog (CDP) aims to gather information and documentation that offer an insight into various social, cultural, political, economic and historical topics related to the Turkish diaspora in the Netherlands; and subsequently, provide its findings to the general public for the purpose of stimulating constructive public debates.


Mehmet Emin Ateş             President

Mehmet Tütüncü                Treasurer

Hikmet Gürcüoğlu             Board member



Scheveningseweg 15

2517 KS Den Haag

the Netherlands


(070) 4443902


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